Week 3-simple, not easy

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time”Blaise Pascal said, (Provincial Letters: Letter XVI, 4 December, 1656. [English Translation]). Keep it simple means we should dismantle things back to the nature, which need to keep thinking and hard work. After a quarre and delete unwanted things in your brain, the creative idea will come out.


‘Let me go!’
LEGO→Let go→Let me go
This is a simple copyright which will give people a smile and leave a positive lasting impression
There’s less of it, but no less for it

According to the textbook, we don’t always need to explain or even show every part of our idea to consumers. Leaving a bit for the consumer to figure out will engage them with the idea. Give them just enough information to be able to “fill in the gaps.”Summary for this week’s learning, I think a creative advertising should be,

1. Easy to understand – the reader oriented

Sometimes we forget that we are in a letter to the reader, so think of ourselves as readers, use easy understand words can make readers to understand the product easier.

2. Simple titles, simple words, simple structure

Use a simple and powerful title to capture the article essence can make the advertisement more impressive. Avoid short, bumpy sentences and long straggling sentences with more than one maid ideas. The sentence is short, try to make the sentence shorter than 15 words. Article structure is simple, the use of the key and sub-topic column type, the key elements.

3. Simple story, simple chart

Want to show the focus of the article? Just to tell a simple story! This will be more emotional and
Memorability than using a complex paragraph. We can also add a simple, accurate map or chart in the Ads If we want to depict a more profound impression in readers’ mind

4. Simple implementation

If we provide a ‘how to do’ list, even simple steps one by one, readers will be guided and the advertisement will work.



The rise of micro blog (like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) brings a new revolution in the advertising field, take time to make the advertising more simple and more creativity will catch the eyes of customers.



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